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We specialize in the transformation of metal into structures dedicated to the sustainable development of the territory both in economic and environmental terms.

Economic development starts from the enhancement of raw materials and food and wine production.
For over 40 years we have been building metal structures and components such as shedscanopies and above all carbon steel and stainless steel tanks for the food sector, specifically oenological and oil.

Eco-sustainable development passes from the valorisation of urban, agricultural and industrial waste which, through the treatment plantsbiogas or biomethane plants and plants for the disposal of MSW and OFMSW, cease to be a problem and become a precious source for our territory. We specialize in the construction of these plants and their components.


Specialists in the metal sector for over 40 years


We have been specialized for over 40 years in the construction and installation of stainless steel and carbon steel tanks, for industrial and private use, with horizontal or vertical axis, made in the workshop or on the construction site through certified and guaranteed processing. Our main products are tanks for wine and oil use, tanks for food storage, heat-insulated, palletized, anaerobic digesters, oxidation tanks, sedimentation tanks, gasometers.

Plants for the environment

Our team was among the first in Italy to build anaerobic digestion plants for the disposal of agricultural and zootechnical waste for the production of electricity, thermal energy and fertilizer compost. Our mechanical / chemical know-how has allowed us in the last 20 years to specialize in the construction, on the client’s technical specifications, of biogas and biomethane plants, water purification plants and plants for the disposal of urban waste

Metal carpentry

The materials we mainly work with are iron and steel with meticulous attention to every detail, both during the craftsmanship phase, thanks to a staff of carpenters and welders with over twenty years of experience, and in the industrial processing phase, thanks to our workshop equipped with numerous numerical control machines. Our main products are industrial sheds, canopies and roofs in general, mezzanines, safety stairs and other accessories.


Specialists in large customized products

Large tanks

Use: Industrial – Zootechnical – Agri-food / Dimensions: We build tanks up to 10,000 cubic meters (d = 26m, h = 20m) on site / Materials: S275JR carbon steel – AISI 304 stainless steel – AISI 316 stainless steel

Installation and treatments: Cutting and calendering in the workshop with numerical control machines. – Welding on site to make the products monolithic, solve the problems of spillage and deterioration of the gaskets, make the products long lasting. – Preparation of the substrate surface through high pressure sandblasting and subsequent industrial painting with epoxy and / or epoxy-bituminous resins to guarantee protection from possible corrosion of the structure over time. – Application of insulating panels and materials. – Installation of prefabricated accessories in the workshop.


Use: Industrial – Zootechnical – Agri-food / Materials: S355JR carbon steel – AISI 304 stainless steel – AISI 316 stainless steel – SS A106 steel / Treatments: Sandblasting – Painting – Insulation / We take care of the construction and installation of industrial pipes, insulated if required, such as: Stainless steel piping, used for applications that require the properties that stainless steel offers, i.e. high strength, toughness and excellent corrosion resistance. District heating pipes whose excellent characteristics of lightness and economy, combined with good properties, give excellent performance quality. “PEAD” high density polyethylene pipes characterized by high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, good mechanical resistance at low temperatures, non-toxicity, ease of joining. Pex pipes ideal for process fluids up to T of 95 ° C. Pipe Racks, structures that perform the function of securing the systems and optimizing the spaces, used both internally and externally.


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